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Joachim Striepens

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Karsten Süßmilch

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André Wittmann

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Rui C. Antunes

Rui C. Antunes is a violinist and composer residing in Leipzig. Rui regularly performs works by living composers including several world premiers, and is often involved in the commissioning of new works for violin. He is a member of Ensemble Reflexion K (Eckernförde, Germany) since 2023, of Concrète [Lab] Ensemble (Lisbon, Portugal) and of the Kairos Quartet (Berlin) since March 2024.
He currently studies composition with Fabien Lévy and researches on the theme of "Performance of Multiphonics on high strings" in the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Leipzig, Germany. He finished his violin studies (2021) with excellence in the HMT in the class of Prof. Friedemann Wezel, where he also studied with Carolin Widmann. Previously, he studied violin at the National Superior Academy of Orchestra (ANSO), in Lisbon.
He had his debut as a composer in 2016, and has since collected several prizes both as a violinist and as a composer. His music has already been played in Portugal, Spain, Germany, and Belgium.

Christiane Veltman

Burkart Zeller

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