2008 - "chamber music"

Gerald Eckert

"Studie über Nelly Sachs" (2004/ 08)
for soprano, fl, hrp, acc, perc, vln and cb,

"Vom Innen - Körnung" (2003)
for viola solo,

"Nen VII" (2007)
for flute, violoncello and tape

"Schächte - les nuages d’automne" (2002)
for flute, viola and harp,

"Klangräume II" (1991/ 2000)
for piccolo and tape,

"Feld 3." (2005)
for flute and harp,

"wie Wolken um die Zeiten legt" (1996/ 97)
for soprano, flute, accordeon and percussion,

"Fäden" (1st part)  (2006)
for flute, violoncello, accordeon and harp


Ensemble Reflexion K 0